Thursday, November 18, 2010

RV book for Dummiies needed

We are now in a lovely RV Park beside a The Mill Casino on Coos Bay, OR.  We have the use of the facilities, indoor pool, hot tub, gym, several restaurants and of course we can lose lots of money in their slots.

Weather better than expected as a big storm was forecast and got sunshine instead. What weather will tomorrow bring ? We intend to stay here for Thanksgiving, we will miss family around the Table in Moody's and will drink a toast to all family and friends and hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Feast.

We now know how to extend the awnings. Once again out came" the book", this time it was our fault as we did have the awnings demonstrated to us but we could not remember "diddly"  If we were to pull gently or with force on the tape, wheather the lever was to be forward or back, we were afraid it would come flying down in top of us, anyway we worked it out and were delighted with ourselves. 2 days later we need to get the awnings back up.  Loosen all the nuts and then do we pull gently or will it ... you guessed...go flying up; should the lock be forward or back?  OUT with the book, we don't want the awning fluttering in the breeze as we go sailing down 101.

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