Friday, November 5, 2010


We are now at Cannon Beach, OR  having crossed the four and a half mile Astoria bridge.

On our way here we stopped off first to visit the "Museum of the Columbia River" in Astoria. In all, we spent 3 hours there marveling at this magnificient and dangerous river; the mouth of which is the most treacherous in the US and has taken in total almost 1,000 lives.
This morning I had a swim in a heated seawater pool here at the RV park and then this afternoon we played golf at Gearhart Golf Links about 10 miles away - believe it or not we had the course to ourselves, which we played (walking) in a little under 4 hours. It was a lovely course and great value at $20 each. 

47 more states to go!!.

Turning on the oven took the two of us and the book of instructions.  It took us quite a while to discover that the button had to stay pushed in while one lit the pilot light.  I don't like to cook by gas and it shows. Then we had a lovely meal.

This is a very nice area and prosperous. Lovely seaside homes. 

On our way back from golf we drove our bluebug on the beach - a first for all of us, Tom, me and the Bug.

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