Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Well, we got the weather that was forecast.  Lots of rain, we now think we should have purchased an ARK. We are still beside The Mill Casino at Coos Bay.

As we came into to Coos Bay area we were stopped by the police.  All the works "BI BA BI BA" PULL OVER, we wondered could that be us, we are going 30 mph so it cannot be us but no one else is around so we pull in to the side. Another BIG LOUD announcement NOT ON THE FREEWAY so now we know it is us. Tom is driving and we pull into a side road. We get out of the RV to be met by a policeman that could have been my grandson.  He informs Tom that he drove through a School zone at 30mph and he should have been doing 20mph. Tom got a warning and I told the policeman this was Tom’s first time to be stopped by the police in 50 years of driving. Now we crawl through town in my bug hoping we will not get stopped again.

On a different note, there is a Theatre in Coos Bay town that is a Listed American Heritage Building. Friday was the 85th anniversary of its opening and to celebrate it showed a silent movie “The Cat and the Canary” accompanied by a Wurlitzer Organ with the original music.  It was fun and free.

Saturday night there was a Variety Show with local talent and it was very entertaining.  During the interval there was coffee and birthday cake.  This all cost us $5 a head, the fun and entertainment was well worth the price.

Knocked on the Door of another RV just like ours to discover they were both from England but living in Canada, they head for Arizona every winter so I have met my first Snowbirds".  Also, met another man from Australia who also lives in Canada; he answered lots of our question regarding "life on the road".

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