Sunday, October 31, 2010

Moving in

This is us moving into our new home.  What fun we had looking for places for all our "stuff"

Friday, October 29, 2010

On the road at last!

Almost two weeks late, finally, we are on the road starting our 48 State + Canada adventure.

Last night the "dolly" for BlueBug was delivered.  Tom and Gerry (honestly) put it together in the wind and rain last night, well almost - this morning we had to have the lighting matched to the RV at a service station and then learned the intricacies of loading the car and securing it to the dolly; quite an excercise.  

Then...we headed West in blazing Sunshine to Westport on the Washington coast.

We are not yet "all systems go".  The pilot light for hot water will not light so we must go out to the shower block to wash. I boil a kettle to wash the few dishes we use and we cannot get any channel on the new TV - mostly as we have no idea how it works - maybe one of our grandkids could help. 

It is great to be finally on the road and we are hoping for a few fine days by the sea.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In count-down mode!

On Sunday, I sallied forth for the first time by driving the RV from Olalla into Tacoma for it service. Quite like driving a car, except that one must be ultra vigilant on size and length of gap to the next vehicle in front...stopping a 28 foot monster on a dime is not recommended.

As I write "Rambling Rover" is in the Camping World service bay being de-winterized (sounds counterintuitive), serviced, oil changes etc; as well as having a reversing camera and TV installed.

This afternoon we will have an orientation run through on the RV to develop our "pre-flight check lists" and learn about the various hook-ups.

Tomorrow the tow dolly is scheduled to arrive sometime. We should be on the road, at the latest, Friday morning; with our first port of call scheduled to be Westport, WA.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not on the road yet

The problem with getting the RV on the road are now hitting us  We assumed that we could walk into Camping World ,book the RV in for dewinterizing and a full service the following day and we would be on the road today Wednesday 21st oct.  The reality is we are now in Vancouver, Canada staying with my brother for a few days rather than staying in Dorethy's yard and hanging around.   We will travel back to Tacoma WA Sunday morning.  more next Monday

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sleeping in the RV

Believe it or not we left CA in the rain, lots of it, 4 hours of very heavy rain. My little car was packed to the hilt.  with a small window of space to see out the back.  A great place to stop for lunch or coffee is in Willians CA , "Granzello's".  We slept very well in OUR RV last night.  Unpacking this morning so chaos reigns in our new home.  We are in Starbuck which could be our favourite haunt for the next two years it has FREE wi-fi! Must go now to Camping World and the grocery store to stock up.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Heading out Sunday

We head up to Olalla near Tacoma WA on Sunday 16th Oct. (early).   We need to reach Eugene OR by night fall. My little bug will be full to the brim with stuff.  Golf clubs, suitcases, coats, hiking boots and lots of stuff we think we need and might never touch.  The kindle is packed and so is my new tableware.We hope to get to Olalla ( I think of the french "Oh la la")by the afternoon so we can go grocery shopping and unpack.