Sunday, April 22, 2012

Orlando with the Barrows

A guest writer begins this blog…our granddaughter Hannah – “this is Hannah Barrow on Granny's iPad, Yay! We looked at the night sky on her cool app then played on the game Tony helped to make!!! I just looked up premium outlets in Florida so I can go to one tomorrow. Cool! iPad’s are cool! Florida is cool! Everything is cool!! Hannah”.

See what happens Hannah when you write on Granny's iPad!
We had a wonderful Easter surrounded by family and Chocolate.  Chocolate is back in Adele’s diet and she has a year’s worth stashed in the RV, which will probably last 3 months.  Adele’s brother Tom brought her a pound and a half of Purdy Chocolates from Vancouver then Jennifer brought loads of English Cadburys lucky for us as neither of us like Hersey's version of Cadbury.

Tony and Stella flew over from San Francisco to have fun with the children, Tony is such fun and so good with children they just love to see him and Stella. Jennifer and Karl had rented a 6 bedroomed house with a pool in a gated community and we managed to find an RV resort right next to them.  We had the grandchildren over one at a time for a sleep over and each enjoyed the fun of turning the dining table into their bed and checking out the cupboards; mostly we stayed at the house. As the RV needed a minor awning repair the children had the opportunity to have a ride in it.
All 9 of us visited Sea World together and managed to stay together most of the time. Stella and Adele decided to have their faces painted and needless to say got lost - maybe the rest of us didn't want to know them. We didn’t visit every park with the Barrow's too many scary rides for us oldies – although the kids did get us on a few in Wet & Wild and Ciaran convinced Tom onto a Roller Coaster ride in Busch Gardens. We spent an enjoyable day at the Kennedy Space Center, the highlight of which was taking the simulated shuttle launch. We know that the enduring memory of their visit for all the Barrows will be swimming with the Dolphins at Discovery Cove, truly a life time memory for all of them.

Our big news this month is that Leslie and Cearull are expecting their first child in September/October – our 6th grandchild.
Before heading back to Saint Augustine we managed to squeeze in a visit to Eileen and Carl in Clearwater. From Saint Augustine Beach we will head north along the coasts of South Carolina & North Carolina; then west to West Virginia, Kentucky and Middle America

We celebrated our 44th anniversary last Tuesday don’t the years fly by? And, both of thinking and sometimes acting like we’re in our 20’s! Ah, well life is for living as we Irish say!
Our nomination for the best job in the USA…Beach Patrol on Saint Augustine Beach  - this is a college town – and the students between classes throng to the beach where the main attraction is the females in various sizes of small, smaller and skimpy bikinis, while the males wear below the knee shorts at, em half-mast displaying their underwear.

Come to think of it we have not seen a female patrolling the beach. Hmm!

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