Sunday, April 29, 2012

Meeting Lyle Lovett

You will recall that Adele’s brother Tom joined us for St Patrick’s Day in Savannah and on to Charleston and Saint Augustine. A huge music buff, the highlight of his trip was meeting with Lyle Lovett whom we met when leaving the Casa Monica Hotel in St Augustine. Suddenly Tom (C) raced down the steps with right hand extended saying “Lyle Lovett what a pleasure, what are you doing here? I’m a big fan of yours – what an honor” as you can tell he was very excited to meet this man. Tom (C) then introduced us to Lyle. After visiting with him for a while, photo taking by both sides we continued on our sightseeing trip. Then Tom (C) informs us that Lyle had been married to Julia Robert between 1993 -1995 NOW we remembered who he is as Tom (H) is a big fan of Julia and her big sunshine smile. Lyle was doing a concert that night in the Saint Augustine Amphitheater; we did not have tickets and were too late to get them.

We were back in the same RV Park just a short half mile cycle or walk to the beach where you could find us most days walking the beach or check the waves for a crazy old gal body surfing and having the  time of her life.
Then at night we headed downtown to stroll around the old town and St George Street with the many tourists who visit Saint Augustine every year - 3million. Some nights we skip dessert to buy a Kilwins ice cream in a waffle cone fresh off the press - yummy, but too big to have every night. We became fans of Kilwins in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Kilwins have 2 stores on St George's Street one at either end; to tempt you coming and going.

For those of you interested Adele has finished (with a little help from Tom) the box of chocolates from Vancouver; every single one of them was delicious.
On Monday April 23rd we drove up 17 to a place called Yemassee in SC an area named for a tribe of Native Americans from where we visited Beaufort (pronounced Boofurt).  Another town not burned by Sherman as it was a Union town from the beginning of the civil war.  A flotilla was sent to Beaufort at the beginning of the war by the unionists as they knew they would need a port in the south during the war and most of the people had left the town.  It is a lovely antebellum town where many movies are made.  There are many anecdotes on various movie stars, one was of Barbara Streisand telling the Marines (who are based in the area) not to do flyovers near the part of town where she had rented a house; the following morning at 5am they flew as low as possible over her house - no one from Hollywood can tell the Marines what to do! We took a horse carriage ride and learned that the town was hit by a strong hurricane in 1893 which killed 2000 people, devastated the town after which many people left to live elsewhere.

We looked at some antebellum houses for sale - priced at one and a half million - lots of them for sale; and, no we are not going to retire to an antebellum house on the coast of South Carolina.

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