Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On the road again...

So here we are, “back on the road again”!
Since our last Blog posting we had a lovely Christmas Day with our Bay Area family members, again, much thanks to Stella and Tony for putting on a great meal and an evening of fun and entertainment…sadly Melissa was not able to join us as she was recovering from a hysterectomy on the 22nd.
Christmas night we spent at The Red Roof Inn near the San Francisco Airport, where we parked the car until January 17th for a great all-in price – we highly recommend this facility.
On the 26th we flew from SFO to Birmingham, UK via Paris; it was wonderful to see our Son-in Law Karl and granddaughter Hannah waiting with big smiles for us in the arrivals area. From then on we were in a veritable beehive of activity. We celebrated Karl’s Mums 70th with the extended family; sang in the New Year at a village friends home; visited Muriel and Gerry for a couple of days (how wonderful it was to see them and enjoy their company); lots of lovely walking around the canals and by-ways; a family visit to Leicester to see The King & I, with a follow up shopping visit; Tom’s sister Veronica visited with Rick and their son Liam, and then it was time for us to leave. Jennifer and Hannah drove us to a hotel at Birmingham Airport – our flight was at 6.30 AM to Paris and on to SFO.
On January 18th we reunited with RamblingRover at Leale’s RV in San Jose where she had been for servicing and other much needed up-grades while we were away. We cannot speak highly enough of Leale’s, all the work was perfection in itself. Definitely, the go to place in the Bay Area for RV servicing and repairs.
Once more we imposed on our great friends the Barth’s and stayed with them for a week before starting off once again on our US odyssey.
While in Los Gatos Adele kept busy with her Newcomers friends while I was discovering through X-Rays and Ultrasounds that I have arthritis in my spine and hips – old rugby injuries!
Old Rugby players never die…they just limp away!!
Thursday found us in Monterey, CA where we had a lovely bike ride along the coast from the RV Park to Pacific Grove and back.
Then on Friday we went to Point Lobos where we hiked 6 miles and saw a “raft” (the technical term for four or more) of Otters, Sea Lions and more excitingly Grey Whales – we saw quite a number, very close to shore; and not just spouts, but also breaching and tails. Spectacular!
From Monterey we will traverse Big Sur…watch for the Big Sur Blog.

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