Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Looking for Yogi!

I convinced Tom to drive down Big Sur on Highway One and what a roller coaster that was.  We hit four sets of road works that would have been bad in a car but horrific for Tom driving the RV.  Of course I was perched up on the high passenger seat on the cliff edge, enjoying the view right down the side at the beautiful azure water on the rocks way below.  I had checked the escape exits - I was going to run back to the bedroom and open the emergency window and swim!  To what? Those rocks that I could see were being beaten by the surf a half a mile down below.  Poor Tom only saw his own white knuckles.  But for me it was beautiful!
We stayed two nights at Pfeiffer State Park which was about 2 miles up a canyon on a road that was full of potholes so we bumped, bumped, bumped all the way.  A state trooper comes along to see are we OK?   I just end up wondering where did he leave YOGI as he was all decked out in his uniform, but no Bear. We were without Wi-Fi and TV and the phones didn’t work too well.  We missed not being part of the “real “world.
Sunday we ate in Nepenthe’s where we had been a long time. We hiked to 3 waterfalls - Pfeiffer Falls in the Park, McVey Falls a very pretty waterfall which falls 70 feet to the beach and Salmon Creek Falls which was by far the best, a big surprise.  To see these falls one needs to get out of one’s car and walk about three-quarters of a mile, as the view from the road does not give you any idea of how spectacular the Falls are, or the quantity of water that pours over the rocks.  A great thundering waterfall!
San Simeon was our next stop where we saw the whole story of the procreation of the Elephant Seal.  Two long beaches of barking, belching seals.  The male’s weighs 5000 lbs. the female 1500lbs.  I called one of the seals Napoleon because he was very busy looking for his Josephine, but his advances were being constantly refused. I thought he would crush all those baby seals while he followed his lusts desire.
Now we are at Pismo beach.  We are right on the beach which is long and pretty, the sea is cold but we have a heated pool on site.  It feels like half of the population of the little town of Pismo are RVer’s as this is one of the snowbirds favorite destinations.  

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