Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our visit to California and Vancouver, BC

Two weeks after we returned from England we were back in the air, this time flying to California principally to meet Sairsha Alice the latest addition to our family as well as to see as many of our Los Gatos and Saratoga friends as possible. In Los Gatos we stayed with Anjali and Amit who recently joined the club of empty nesters - one close by and one very far away. The tennis group had a party for Adele and it was nice for her to see all the familiar faces and catch up on news and events. That same afternoon Adele had a Doctor’s visit, of course her cholesterol was high and so was her blood pressure!

We spent a long weekend with Cearull, Leslie and Sairsha Alice. Sairsha was born 10 weeks early in July her due date was September 30th we were all worried when she was born so early weighing only two lbs but since then she has never looked back; from the minute she was born she was feeding and fighting (Fighting Irish!) she is a lovely little girl who cries little and feeds well. We baby sat while Leslie and Cearull had a meal out; Tom who is very good with babies held Sairsha every opportunity he got and loved it. It was lovely to stay and dote on Sairsha day after day.

From there we returned to Los Gatos for a few more days and once again it was a whirlwind of activities with friends. Adele managed to fit in a bridge day and see all her bridge friends. We took a stroll down Santa Cruz Avenue to where the Butter Paddle Shop had moved from Saratoga and while passing by Adele met one of her former co-volunteers – in she went - it was party day so quite a few volunteers were there so Adele saw many of her friends. We had dinner engagements most nights in friend’s homes – the Romans, Variots and Johnsons - where we were wined and dined in style. On our last night Anjali made a delicious authentic Indian meal for us.

Vancouver, Canada was our next destination to visit Adele's three brothers. We have certainly experienced several different climates in the last few two months with Vancouver adding its rainy season. We relaxed and enjoyed ourselves, had one beautiful day when four of us, Adele, Tom, John and Tom took a walk along the estuary from Kitsilano to the Olympic Village via Granville Island and then returned on a little ferry boat. Most days we ignored the weather and exercised at the Arbutus Club where Adele’s brother Larry had signed us in as his guests. While there we celebrated the fact that all the Cheevers siblings are now in their 60s - the question is will they all make it into their 70s?

On November 1st we flew back to Dallas, our flight arrived in the late evening and as our RV was in San Antonio we stayed the night in a hotel. The RV has been in Texas since August 30th; this is a big state and we need to get moving.

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