Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Myrtle Beach SC and Newport NC

Our journey to Myrtle Beach was very windy; probably the end of the storm that delayed us coming north. The weather in Myrtle Beach was in the 80s right through our stay. Eileen and Carl were right behind us and arrived on our second day and stayed overnight in the hotel beside our RV Park; it was great to spend more time together, walking the beach, having dinner and a swim in the hotel pool. Eileen has lost over 40lbs and looks great in her new bathing suit, while the four of us are as brown as berries having spent almost three months by the sea.

We went to three shows while in Myrtle Beach, by far the best was Loretta Lynn – which was a real family show featuring her twin daughters and her granddaughter while her great grandson sat on the stage as his mother sang. Loretta is over eighty and boy can she belt out a song? Puts some much younger in her shade - she is a great lady!
Another show we saw was called Good Vibrations; songs from the 50s and 60s - we got the tickets to this for free but we had to go to a timeshare talk – Adele was reeled in by a man in a ticket kiosk – however, we’re glad we did not pay.
The third show was “ONE” a variety show at the Alabama Theatre where a country and western singer acts as host and a very funny comedian who came on stage at intervals during the show we loved his sense of humor.

As we were eating our lunch one day a bird who was nesting in a bush just beside us was kicking up a ruckus, having finished our lunch we saw the reason -  the local cat had her chicks for lunch; he was sitting on the ground licking his paws surrounded by feathers.
The beach at Myrtle Beach is extremely busy, very long and lined with hotels and condos some about 20 stories high. We last visited eight years ago and the place has grown and changed beyond recognition. They badly need a new road around the area as 17 is the only road through the area.  Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach are now all one.

While in Myrtle Beach we needed a bike shop to replace Adele’s  front tire - the nearest was 30 miles away – just to let you know no one cycles around Myrtle Beach.  In the RV parks more and more people are using golf carts (which can be rented by the day or week to get around).  Soon we won't need legs!
Two of the photos in the last Blog need explanation – one is a motorbike trailer that folds out into a camper/tent, we were fascinated by it. The second was of a bale of turtles that one could feed with special food that was dispensed from a gumball machine at 50c a pop – smart turtles, they never left that area.

Next we traveled north to Newport, NC - at our RV Park there were lots of very large fish in the lakes around the park, one boy told us they were Carp. There were lots of fishermen all ages with from two feet long to about fifteen feet long fishing rods lying around on the ground - we imagined that the two feet long pole was for a child aged five or so the young boys were using hotdogs for bait.

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