Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Redneck's Riviera

The coast along the panhandle gulf coast, sometimes referred to as the Redneck’s Riviera is a beautiful place spanning miles and miles of sandy beaches with gorgeous white sand, sea shells literally by the bucket-full, no seaweed and remarkably clear blue water. The drawback for us was that at this time of the year the gulf water is cold so only the brave or wet-suited clad venture in. 

We parked at Point St Joe in a State Park almost at the end of a barrier island. In some places it is no more than 100 yard wide, one can look either way and you can see the water. We took long walks on the beach and long cycle rides to get Wi Fi.  We had hoped to lie on the beach and get a suntan but it was not to be as a cold front was passing and we ended up putting our electric blanket and winter duvet on the bed for a few night before this a blanket was nearly too much. Seemingly Florida has had warm weather this year - it has, in fact - been warm for us since we arrived at the beginning of December.
As we were preparing to leave for our next destination our T V antenna would not retract - it is controlled by a handle inside the RV - the handle comes off in Tom’s hand. Off must come the bikes from the ladder and Tom heads up on the roof where he removed retaining pins to manually lower the antenna; replace the bikes and off we go to Navarre, FL.  Once again the luck was with us as the RV industry is big in Florida. We found a local RV repair facility where we meet the owner, a most interesting man who has travelled the world; he graduated as an engineer and lived in many countries.  Adele’s strong Irish accent (although she has been asked is she a German, Dane, Norwegian, Australian, Canadian or Scot) has a person ask where we are from. We tell them and relate our travel and they tell us theirs and impart their advice.

Adele is holding out on a good BBQ story for the next blog.

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