Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wisconsin, Golf & Lightning

Wisconsin is a state we need to return to at some time as we just travelled across the top of state along the shore of Lake Superior. Our RV Campsite reservation was in a place called Cedar, on arrival we discovered there’s no town of Cedar; the RV Park is it and the nearest town is Saxon.

While in Wisconsin we did manage to play golf on a very nice course called Eagles Bluff where it was so humid we decided to splurge on a cart which brought the price over my magical $50 but what could I do? I reckon my golf is not worth more and other golfers may think I shouldn’t even pay the $50. The golf was $38 and the cart was $18 per person - a very expensive cart!  It was a beautiful course and as we generally play after lunch we had the golf course almost to ourselves.  This was the first time on our odyssey that we broke the rule of $50 a round.  We will be spoiled and not want to play CA golf again, where the” foursomes” rule. We now have played golf in 12 states and have the balls to prove it!!
These nights it’s hard to sleep it is so hot and humid; thankfully we have AC to cool the RV down but must turn it off (RV Park rules) by 10 PM as AC is too noisy. It rains a lot at night which is OK with us and we have been lucky with the weather by day. Nature has treated us to some absolutely wonderful lightning storms on several nights which we can see even with the curtains closed, the sky lights up and the thunder is a great soundtrack as good as in the cinema. BOOM!!

With South Dakota plates on the car and RV we now have to explain the Irish accent and what we’re doing. RVer’s walk around the campsite in the evenings and check the number plates to see who is from their home state, we do get to meet very nice people that way and know that people do live in SD. We have met very nice families who live there; of course we have to confess that we really are from CA, well via Ireland.
Just like our stay in Wisconsin this is a short blog. Next UP Michigan’s Upper Peninsula; UP to those in the know!

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