Saturday, December 4, 2010

CA at last

We crossed into CA on November 28th.  Any other State it really makes no difference but CA likes to let you know you are entering this vast and different place called after a mythological island in Spanish folklore.

Police in uniform officially greet you at the border and make sure you are carrying no fresh fruit and vegetables into CA.  This of course meant I had a night of making a gallon of soup in lots of small pots.  Then the fresh fruit had to be chopped into little pieces and I ended up with 4 bowls of fresh fruit salad.  Fresh Fruit Salad!!! That’s a salad, right?  The soup is now finished but the fruit salad is still with us one more bowl to go!!

As Tom was unhooking the car at our next stop, Fortuna, he was already chatting up a lady at the campsite, Joei. So I asked her in to have a cup of tea and 8 hours later she goes home. Joei Carlton Hossack as it turns out is an Author and has written many books (of course I bought one called Everyone’s Dream, Everyone’s Nightmare which is about her own RV adventures with her late husband). She was on her way to San Diego to see her sister but had an oil leak which meant that she could not leave until Monday and this was Sunday.  We invited her to visit Ferndale with us and we enjoyed her company as much as she enjoyed ours.  She is very entertaining and has lots of stories to tell as she had travelled extensively in Europe and the USA.  She is not impressed with our plan of travelling in our RV to 48 states over 2 years; as she had lived on the road for 11 years before she settled in Canada.

Ferndale is a Victorian town with a beautiful Main Street that is crowned by a gorgeous Hotel at the end of the street. It’s a real jewel in the middle of farming country.

Fortuna is your all American town.  We went to the movies to see the latest Harry Potter movie.  Once again I need to read the book and not sit there and wonder what the story is. 

Next blog I promise will have Photos.   

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