Friday, October 29, 2010

On the road at last!

Almost two weeks late, finally, we are on the road starting our 48 State + Canada adventure.

Last night the "dolly" for BlueBug was delivered.  Tom and Gerry (honestly) put it together in the wind and rain last night, well almost - this morning we had to have the lighting matched to the RV at a service station and then learned the intricacies of loading the car and securing it to the dolly; quite an excercise.  

Then...we headed West in blazing Sunshine to Westport on the Washington coast.

We are not yet "all systems go".  The pilot light for hot water will not light so we must go out to the shower block to wash. I boil a kettle to wash the few dishes we use and we cannot get any channel on the new TV - mostly as we have no idea how it works - maybe one of our grandkids could help. 

It is great to be finally on the road and we are hoping for a few fine days by the sea.

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  1. If the TV is original, it's probably still got an analog antenna. You probably just need to buy a digital antenna to get stations.
    Also, where are the pics?